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Your tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road. They keep your vehicle rolling down the road, but also have a job to do by insulating smaller road imperfections from your vehicle, and also with the steering of your car or truck. They also help your car to stop quickly when needed.

The design of the tire will determine how much weight they can support, so you should be aware of that limit and never exceed the total amount of weight limits for the number of tires on your vehicle.

Colder climates

Tires come in many sizes and material configurations, and some are used for special purposes.  In colder climates, special winter tires are made from different compounds and have studs for traction in ice or snow. Truck tires typically have additional plys in the sidewall, greatly increasing their load carrying capacity.  Generally speaking, when you purchase tires for your vehicle, the ones that cost the most will have additional features not seen on the less expensive tire.

Tire pressure

To do its job correctly, a tire must be at the proper pressure with a certain amount of tread across the section of tire meeting the road. As tread wears away, less traction will be available.  If there is a lack of proper pressure, the tire will wear much quicker than it should.

Tires are usually not perfectly round, and many times will not be perfectly in balance, either. When purchasing new tires, ask your service advisor about tire “truing” and balancing for the longest service life and best experience rolling down the highway!

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