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Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs

A glow plug is an electrical device that is inserted into each cylinder of your diesel engine. Sometimes thought to be the diesel engine equivalent of a spark plug, they have a very different but equally important role in your diesel’s operation. It’s imperative that your glow plugs work efficiently and properly for your diesel engine to start and run efficiently.

Their function is to help a cold engine get warm enough to allow the fuel to explode within the combustion chamber. They emit a small amount of heat just prior to, and during initial start of your engine. This allows the fuel mixture to be warm enough to combust inside a cold engine cylinder. Earlier diesel glow plugs needed a few moments to warm up, or “glow”, but most modern diesels have very quick heating glow plugs to allow the vehicle to be started much like a gasoline engine with almost no waiting time at all.

We diagnose and inspect your glow plugs for proper operation

Glow plugs, like any other electrical part, are subject to wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. When they begin to malfunction, you may notice poor initial idling, poor starting, unwanted smoke emissions, or even an inability to start your diesel. It may be just one, or they could all need replacement... with proper diagnosis, we’ll be able to determine exactly which plug(s) will require attention.

When you suspect that your glow plugs might be an issue, come on in and let our professionally trained and certified technicians diagnose and inspect your glow plugs for proper operation, and we’ll replace them if necessary. We have the knowledge, tools and experience to do the job quickly and get you safely back on the road!