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The suspension of your vehicle determines how it will ride, and how it will handle bumps, turns and even tracking straight down the road. It is made up of many different components including arms, ball joints, shocks or struts, springs, and in some cases airbags, an air compressor and lines and switches to connect them.

Style of ride

The goal is to keep your wheels on the road, and to establish the style of ride your vehicle provides.

The type of vehicle you drive usually determines the nature of your ride and handling.  A large luxury car is designed to give a smooth ride with little disruption in the cabin, while a sports car is designed to corner as flat as possible and get around corners quickly, with little concern for ride comfort.

Suspension systems

Therefore, there are many different designs for suspension systems based upon the use of the car or truck.  Each system will have specific components that may require service or repair over the life of the vehicle. Your vehicle may have simple shocks or struts, or it could have a self-levelling airbag ride control system, which is much more sophisticated with many more parts and sensors, as well as a need to rely on other vehicle systems.

If your vehicle has a sudden change in drive “feel”, or is leaning or at a different height than you’re used to, come on in and let us take a look. It may be something simple, or there may have been some kind of road event that has damaged your suspension.  We’ll inspect all suspension components for proper operation and report back to you any abnormalities we see. Sometimes these issues can be caused by tires, or misalignment…but whatever we find, you’ll know what it takes to get you back to the ride you enjoy.