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Exhaust and Emissions

Exhaust and Emissions

Modern emission controls have moved beyond the simple rerouting of gases back into the engine, to actually changing the chemical composition of the engine exhaust gases coming out of the tailpipes. These controls are used to not only make the exhaust less toxic; they also provide a change in the color of the gases emitted to the atmosphere. As such, once again we have a complex system that uses information provided by other systems to work together to produce the desired result.

Exhaust and Emissions Parts

Some of the typical parts are the PCV and EGR valves, an air injection pump driven by the engine serpentine belt, the ECM, variable timing of engine valves, selective cylinder deactivation, vapor recovery systems and catalytic convertors. These items rely on other systems to relay information through the ECM and then are actuated or utilized as necessary. Most of these parts are subjected to extreme heat, so they definitely have a service life that must be watched carefully.  Also, when an emission component fails, it’s very likely it will set off a sensor activating the “Check Engine” light.

Whenever your vehicle gets louder for no apparent reason (exhaust leak), or starts to lose power especially under load, it will usually emit gases that are beyond the scope of the emission control system.  Bring your vehicle in and have us do a diagnostic test to determine if any emission control part is malfunctioning.

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